About the artist



My name is Nour Chidiac. I am half Belgian, half Lebanese, but I was born in Lebanon. 


Ever since I was little, I have had a great interest in art and creativity.


In primary and secondary school I regularly went to art school, but stopped every time because I felt tied to all the rules we were given. I wanted to do my own thing; have creative freedom, but that was not allowed. At home I just did my own thing, my own way. My projects became much more beautiful every time than what I had to do at art school.


After I graduated in secondary school I started painting as if my life depended on it. I hardly did anything else. I had canceled countless plans for this and have not regretted it to date. In a dark year like 2020, painting was my point of light, my anchor, something that kept me human. My love for art never went away.


When people used to ask me who my inspiration was, I would tell them "Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci, Claude Monet, and so on." Today I am very proud to say that I inspire myself, that I challenge myself to reach further and higher than I ever did.


And I will continue to do so.

About LeBel art



In January 2021 I started my business 'LeBel art' However, after half a year it became clear that this profession was not feasible full-time, I liked the job, but the financial worries have caused me so much stress that this medical problems. I started looking for a part-time job and started doing LeBel art as a secondary profession instead of as a main profession. Although this went well in the beginning, personal problems have arisen that I could not ignore. LeBel art has been dormant for a while, and these issues have kind of pushed me to cancel my VAT number and quit.


Below some more information about LeBel art.


The name LeBel art comes from the 'Lebanese-Belgian art'.

As a person I am very proud that I have a dual nationality and that can be shown in my company name.

I mainly work with oil paint, but now and then I like to use acrylic paint or watercolor paint. In terms of style, I prefer realism works of art, this is only when I work with oil paint.

I sometimes dare to go into a different style with acrylic paint or watercolor paint, because I can't work with these types of paint in the same way as with oil paint.

Oil paint has a longer drying time, this ensures that you can work in it longer and therefore make more beautiful color transitions.

I started painting animals in 2020, different animals, and have always had a lot of fun doing this. Now I still enjoy this a lot, but since 2021 I started painting more portraits.

By nature I always try to do more than expected, in daily life it doesn't always turn out as expected but in my art career this has only brought benefits. I've always pushed myself to do more and get better. I am a bit of a perfectionist in that regard. I still don't shy away from a challenge and I regularly try something new.