Acrylic paint or polymer paint is a fast-drying paint that consists of a coloring pigment with a binder of plastic polymer resin from the acrylic group.

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In February 2020 I went to Tanzania to volunteer. A company had written to my school and we were 20 volunteers. We went there to renovate a primary school, and in between we played a lot with the children, laughed and took pictures. This was one of them. When I made this painting I wasn't very handy with oil paint to make a realistic painting, so I put the photo in photoshop and started playing with colors. I made this painting in between school projects so by the time it was finished we were already half a year further. This is still one of my favorite paintings.

I made the next three paintings to get out of my comfort zone for a while. I was so often involved with oil painting and realism, I really needed a break. In these works I have learned that sometimes it is necessary to let go.

This work took me a long time to finish, not because it was exceptionally good, but because this was a present for one of my best friends. He asked me if I wanted to paint this race car for him, and of course I did! Only, cars mean nothing to me at all, and I was bored to death every time I started. But the smile on his face when I gave it was all worth it.

I wanted to paint my ukulele so badly that I bought one secondhand at a cheap price to do that. I went for a lilo and stitch theme, this was the back in acrylic, the front was in oil paint.

This work is completely different from my other works, when one of my friends came up to me and asked if I could make a logo for his business I couldn't say no. We talked about this long and often, I made a lot of sketches and in the end we decided that this design was the best. I worked it out in acryllic paint and voila, happy customer and happy friend all in one!

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This painting was my graduation work in acrylic at school. We had to choose an image that was feasible to reproduce in acrylic, and I chose them a painting in graffitti. That was all good in theory until I started it. The back around were all words and letters sprayed in graffiti. My heart sank... Until my teacher told me not to copy it and I was given creative freedom. Then it suddenly got better.