Mixed media

Mixed media is a concept from the visual arts, which refers to an art object or art installation, consisting of more than one art medium. Several media are used together. The result is not necessarily a collage, but rather a painterly technique.

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This painting was a preliminary study for one of my graduation projects at school. The background is gouache paint applied with a pallet knife and the ape itself is done with watercolor paint.

This painting was a preliminary study of an oil painting that I made as a thesis at school. the flowers are painted with aquarelle and the raccoon with gouache, the white hightlights on the flowers are also made with gouache.

I made this drawing for one of my friends so she can give it as a gift for Father's Day. The drawing is made entirely with ink, I burned the edges of the paper to give it a nice effect and if you look closely you can see that I finished the ring on its finger with gold leaf for that little special touch.