Oil paint

Oil paint is a type of paint, composed of pigment in the form of a very fine colored powder and a vegetable oil. This binder is usually linseed oil. Oil paint has been an important medium in painting since the 15th century.

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This painting was one of my last orders as LeBel art. The assignment was to hear a sermon and build a shelter around it. I had quite a bit of creative freedom in this. So I listened and decided to make a painting around the story of the widow with her jar of oil, from the Bible. I started with making a composition and in the end we came to the decision together that this would be the most beautiful azure. Her last request was for me to write "God loves you" on the back.

I like turtles, but painting them is still not easy, what makes it better is that this canvas is only 10*10 cm. The end result isn't what I had hoped for, but that's the perfectionist in me who says nothing is ever good enough.

I had a piece of tree disc that I had wanted to do something with for so long, but never knew what. This cat ended up being the winner. It had been a long time since I had painted fur so this was a good exercise.

From the moment this painting was finished, I fell in love with it. I wasn't the only one, because ten minutes after I posted a picture of it on social media, my bee was already sold!

as you can see this painting is a completely different theme than I normally do. I noticed more and more that I saw people on social media who have hurt themselves, and also that it is still a taboo in many places. This has to stop, 'Break the taboo' that is the name of the painting.

The next three paintings are a bit of a set, I was inspired by a picture I saw on pinterest of a girl who had such an expressive face that I just had to paint her. One girl became three, you can also see well with each painting what I have learned and how I have improved.

This work was a present from my brother to my sister-in-law. When her cat died, she was devastated—and rightly so. My brother placed an order and I got to work. This was perhaps one of the most difficult portraits I've ever made, because this is my sister-in-law.

These two paintings were also orders, the assignment was to paint my client's two dogs and put their names in gold.

I had a lot of trouble with this work, my clients didn't agree with how it was going and I did my best to make what they wanted. Ultimately, this is the painting they now have at home.

This painting has never been on my webshop, not even on social media I think. I wanted to make four paintings in Harry Potter style, this would be Hufflepuff. I never got around to making the other three, but I'm glad to hear that this painting is going to my niece. She is the biggest Harry Potter fan - and a Hufflepuff.

The next three paintings must have been some of my first orders. The woman who ordered this has lost her husband and two children, and wanted paintings of this. I did my best to make them as beautiful as possible for her.

I was tired of portraits and animal paintings, so for this painting I took it easy and painted a simple sunflower.

I am so proud of this painting, this was one of the first portraits that turned out really well.

This painting was a parting gift for one of my friends. The donkey is a kind of 'inside joke'.

I was commissioned to make a painting of the hands of one of my former classmates on a tree slice. The dogs were in a lavender field so I incorporated that, but not too hard so that you could still see the wood.

This was a school assignment. We have to find a text, write in ink and make a painting. I think I took my text a little too literally.

This was my final work in oil paint that I made for school. I say 'for school' and not 'at school' because I made these all the way at home during the lockdown in coronat time. This painting kept me busy for two months. The fact that I made this at home without supervision certainly helped me when I had to appear in front of the jury at school.

I came up with the design of this painting all by myself, which is one of the reasons why this painting is one of my favourites. This was also my first time working with oil paint on paper and I liked that too.

I wanted to paint my ukulele so badly that I bought one secondhand at a cheap price to do that. I went for a lilo and stitch theme, this was the front in oil paint, the back was in acrylic.

This painting was an order and was to serve as a present. I did have a hard time with this painting as I had never painted horses before, and the photo was taken at an odd angle so it just looked really weird, but my client was happy with the end result and that's all counts huh.

The next four paintings are practice works, I wanted to learn to paint hands.

This painting was an order, these people had seen my other easel painting on my social media and wanted one too.

This painting was my first oil painting ever. I made these with cheap paint, I can't even remember where, and with white spirit instead of oil medium. Regardless, I think it's still okay.

Voeg een lang, mooi verhaal toe over jouw bedrijf en hoe deze tot stand is gekomen. Vertel over jouw teamleden en schrijf een artikel over de oprichter van dit bedrijf. Voeg je eigen foto's toe zodat klanten meer over je te weten kunnen komen en je kunnen vertrouwen.

Voeg een lang, mooi verhaal toe over jouw bedrijf en hoe deze tot stand is gekomen. Vertel over jouw teamleden en schrijf een artikel over de oprichter van dit bedrijf. Voeg je eigen foto's toe zodat klanten meer over je te weten kunnen komen en je kunnen vertrouwen.

This was a practice work, I tried to paint a nose, because I had trouble with that before, I think it turned out nice, despite the crazy colors.

This must have been just about my second oil painting, I just had gold paint and I've exaggerated a bit with it.

This fox was the first in this 'series' I had a number of mini tree slices and put a different animal on each one.

This painting was the first time I've ever done a marble imitation after school, I didn't have the right materials but made it work anyway. The rose on it is done quickly and not blended well, but I think it has something.