Under 'other' I categorize the pencil drawings, the gouache paintings, the works in ink and the abstract works.

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This work is a pencil drawing, I made it in the last year of highschool. The assignment was to draw a shiny object, now I'm going to be very honest, I think pencil drawings are horrible. I don't like doing them at all, and when my teacher gave this assignment I went looking for the easiest thing I could find, of course in hindsight this was not easy at all but I didn't know that at the time. At the end I am really proud of this work.

This work is completely different from my other works, when one of my friends came up to me and asked if I could make a logo for his business I couldn't say no. We talked about this long and often, I made a lot of sketches and in the end we decided that this design was the best. I worked it out in ink and voila, happy customer and happy friend all in one!

You can visit his website here: https://db-music.be/

This gouache painting is one I'm very proud of, this was a school assignment and all my classmates called me crazy but I think that was because it was more work than they would like to do. The assignment was to find a photo and paint it like a painting by number drawing.