A watercolor, the French aquarelle, the Italian acquarello or acquarella, "washed drawing", is a painting made with watercolor. The terms watercolor or watercolor also refers to the genre or the watercolor technique as a method. In the painting technique of watercolor painting, water-soluble paint is painted on special thick watercolor paper.
A characteristic of the pure watercolor technique is that the coloring pigment is applied in a non-closed layer, so that the paper shines through.

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This painting was one of the first that I made for myself at home, you can of course also see this at work, not so good yet, but a start.

This work was a school assignment, we had to mre-create an art deco poster and write the words 'art deco' underneath it. The painting is finished with a passe partout so that the edges were nice and clean.

This painting was a school assignment, we were completely free in what we painted, but it had to be in watercolor. I wrote down the 'just be different' with a marker.